The Order is governed by the Grand Imperial Conclave for England and Wales and its Divisions and Conclaves Overseas (founded in 1868) which has its seat at Mark Masons’ Hall, 86 St. James’s Street, London.

It has some 500 Conclaves all over the world and about 8500 members.


In May 1990 the Benelux Division of the Order was constituted, which now consists of ten Conclaves within the geographical area of the Benelux.

These are located in: Antwerp, Bilthoven, Champion (Namur), Kampen, Leiden, Rotterdam, Terneuzen, Zaandam, Breda and Herkenbosch.

The Benelux Division has some 210 members (end of 2013).

Candidates for the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine are admitted in their local Conclaves, whereas the Appendant Orders are conferred annually at a meeting of the Divisional Conclave of the Benelux which is especially organized for this purpose.

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