The Masonic and Military order
of the Red Cross of Constantine

and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre
and St. John the Evangelist

Benelux Division

The signet the Red Cross of Constantine

By keeping the Divine faith, I am made a partaker of the Light of Truth: guided by the Light of Truth, I advance in the knowledge of the Divine faith.

Pin of the Red Cross of Constantine
The Red Cross of Constantine

Military and Masonic

The Red Cross of Constantine is an order for masons who want to enrich their faith and values derived from our Christian heritage. We aim to better ourselves through building our Temple.

Founded in
7000 +
Members Wordlwide
350 +
The Red Cross of Constantine

Spiritual side of Freemasonry

Candidates for admission into the Red Cross of Constantine must be Royal Arch Masons and profess a belief in the Trinitarian Christian Faith. They are admitted as a member of our Order in one of the ten local Conclaves within the geographical area of the Benelux and these meet two or three times a year. For those wishing to extend their researches into the spiritual side of Freemasonry, particularly further developing the theme of the Royal Arch degree there is much in this wonderful order to exercise the mind.

Nadia Zograf, 2021
The story

Constantine the Great

The moral teachings of the Order are based upon the legendary influences that Christianity had upon the life of Constantine the Great

Constantine was the first Roman Emperor to openly embrace and encourage Christianity. The Order was founded as a memorial to the divine miracle which led to Constantine’s conversion to Christianity, and which subsequently enabled him to complete the overthrow of his enemy.


Benelux Division

This Masonic order of Christian chivalry is governed by the Grand Imperial Conclave for England and Wales and its Divisions and Conclaves Overseas.

The first Conclave of the Order in the Benelux was founded in 1985 (and was at that time an unattached Conclave Overseas). As the membership increased, it was decided to form the Division of the Benelux in 1990 and we now have ten Conclaves.







Faithful in Unity of spirit and Zeal to follow the road to the Light.

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Upcoming meeting

Meeting of Conclave Constanter Fidelis

February 16, 2023 12:00 am
Pieter Jan Bos